CRN+ works predominantly with People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLHIV), including those from key-affected populations. CRN+ primary role focuses on Advocacy of the community of PLHIV.

In the Caribbean key population consist of but are not limited to: Young People, Commercial Sex Workers, Men who have sex with Men, Women, Girls and Transgender persons.

Involvement of PLHIV and Other Inadequately Served Populations​

CRN+ is an organisation of people living with HIV and AIDS and run by people living with HIV and AIDS.

CRN+ is a founding member of the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) and maintains close collaborations with other networks and organisations in the region that are not mandated  to be managed by PLHIV such as the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) and the Caribbean Sex Workers Coalition. CRN+ continues to pursue the more formal and institutional linkages and partnerships with regional entities that work with under-served populations who face a higher risk of HIV infection, suffer exacerbated incidents of stigma and discrimination and have less or no access to information and prevention, care and treatment services often due to their lower socio-economic status, life-style preference, gender or societal marginalisation.