• Collaborative Network of Persons Living with HIV (of Belize) C-NET+


To improve the quality of life of all People with HIV in Belize by promoting Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention, Human Rights, effective legislation, monitoring universal access and advocating for the greater and more meaningful involvement of People with HIV in decision-making processes thorugh the establishment of a self-sustained and empowered Network of People with HIV in Belize


C-NET+ is to become a vibrant internationally recognized Network of empowered and enabled People with HIV of Belize improving the quality and quantity of them in Belize in an environment that promotes Human Rights and is focused in providing quality services and support People with HIV in Belize.

Contact Info

Person : Ms. EriKa Castellanos (Executive Director)

Phone : 
(501) 630-1900
(501) 634-3759

Email :


34 Princess Margaret Drive,
Belize City, Belize