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ComTALK International was established in 1998 and launched in 2000, driven by the desire to address the challenges facing young people. ComTALK recognized the absence of appropriate agencies to deal with issues affecting this population. Lack of parental support, child abuse, sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancy; drug abuse, violence, negative peer pressure, inability to access social services, the adoption of negative foreign values, and a lack of interest in spiritual values were the major issues that prompted our action. Equally important was the extent to which young people were engaging in early sexual activity which, led to a high incidence of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).


ComTALK is dedicated to the personal development of the young person, through self development and life skills preparedness, resulting in sustained behaviour change towards living a full, independent and productive life


ComTALK is committed to assisting the young person 12 yrs. to 35 yrs. to live and respond positively to the challenges presented when living with HIV/AIDS, in the midst of weakened family structures and support systems.

Contact Info (COMTalk International)

Person : Beverley King
Phone : 1(868) 743-9977, 1(868) 795-7932, 1(868) 638-9743
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Contact Info (CARE)

Person : David Soomarie
Phone :  (868) 222-3999, (868) 705-9961
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Contact Info (South AIDS Support)

Person : Terrence Beepath
Phone : (868) 652-2437, (868) 620-4307
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Contact Info (Tobago Oasis)

Person : Deborah Williams

Phone : (868) 745-5709

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