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The “Foundation HE + HIV” started when the “MSM+ Care” department of Stg. Mamio Namen Project stopped, this was funded by the Schorer Foundation. The “Foundation He+HIV”, was established in October the 15th 2009, because the number of MSM + who needed care and support was rising. A group of MSM+, PLWH and friends of the MSM+ population started a new organization for this specific group.  On March 5th, 2010 the “Foundation He + HIV” received their official legal status.


Through education and sensitizing, improve the acceptance and equality of MSM+, reducing stigma and discrimination of homosexuality and HIV in society and promoting a healthy lifestyle of MSM+.


To improve the health, acceptance and equal treatment of HIV- positive Men who have Sex with Men (MSM+) by their loved ones and the society.

Contact Info (HE+HIV)

Person : Marten Colom

Phone :
(597) 492-090
(597) 857-3992

Email :

Address : 
Coesewijne straat #08,
Zorg & Hoop,
Paramaribo, Suriname

Contact Info (Double Positive)

Person : Ethel Pengel

Phone : 
(597) 680-1786
(597) 880-2134

Email :