The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) is seeking to strengthen its ability to improve access to Justice and to challenge discrimination and advance human rights of its constituent population groups through increased advocacy, improved policy monitoring and strategic litigation.

The grant will be implemented in Belize, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago primarily by CVC and Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti primarily by COIN. This project aims to reduce the spread of HIV across the Caribbean by focusing on its impact on key populations (KP’s), including people living with HIV, men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, people who use drugs, and young people belonging to any of these groups. By supporting activities that focus on reducing or removing the barriers of stigma, discrimination, and providing redress for rights breaches, the project will allow for the full integration of key populations into national HIV responses.

The Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (CRN+) is a Sub-Sub recipient of the Project. CRN+ seeks to achieve the following two outputs:

Output 1: Improved legal and policy environments support delivery of and access to health and justice services for key populations

Output 3: Strengthening of Community systems and key population networks to use effective advocacy strategies to obtain social accountability mechanisms and scale-up of best practice interventions by national programmes.